So Why are you not traveling more?

That's The Big Question

Hi! My name is Pauline Allen and after being in the travel industry for more than 10 years I began to wonder what was keeping people from...

  • exploring the world around them?
  • checking all those places to go and things to do off their bucket list?
  • creating amazing memories with their friends, family, and loved ones?
  • and just experiencing more in their life?

The Problems

I discovered there were many different reasons that keep people from exploring the world around them and creating lifelong memories, but the top reasons for most people were...

  • Not knowing where or how to start researching their trip
  • Afraid website reviews were not real or honest
  • Fear of not getting the best deal possible
  • Money

The Solution

BUT....WAIT! What if it were possible...

  • for anyone on any budget to experience more of these things in their life?
  • to start marking off all those things on your bucket list?
  • to stay in 4 and 5-star hotels for the price of 2 and 3-star hotels?
  • to earn those vacations by doing things you're already doing, like shopping or dining out?
  • to take all the stress and headaches of planning a vacation away?

So I went on a journey to find the ONE travel company that offers the best travel packages at the best prices and treats you like a VIP.
And you know what? I found it, The World’s Best Kept Travel Secret!

What people are saying

You will not find a business woman more honest, compassionate and reliable than Pauline Allen!!
She is EXTREMELY well versed in the travel industry. It is her life long passion, resulting in her natural ability to be great at what she does. She genuinely loves her job of helping families create lifelong memories.
She and her husband are both upstanding members of their community and they both possess high values, morals and integrity!!! Pauline is driven and very detail oriented with a level of follow-through second to none! I cannot speak highly enough about Pauline Allen!
Susan W.

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